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It was a dark and stormy night…

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew acted as a catalyst for a series of changes to building codes in the state of Florida. This event exposed a series of weaknesses in the building code requirements as well as enforcement problems that culminated in millions of dollars of damage to structures in South Florida.
After the hurricane it was discovered that structures that had significant roof damage were those that were most negatively affected by such events. This led to modification of the South Florida Building Code to strengthen the roof structure and installation requirements and for a time put Miami-Dade County in a preeminent position in the State of Florida regarding changes to the building codes to prevent hurricane damage to structures and the testing of building materials and products.

Other hurricanes in the 1990’s and this decade led to the State of Florida to adopt one building code for the entire State of Florida that incorporated many of the changes that had been made to the South Florida Building code.

On a parallel to these events Eduard Badiu was being educated as a civil engineer in his native country of Romania and came to the Florida to pursue his career in civil engineering. Coming to Florida when he did allowed Mr. Badiu to observe and understand the changes that were being made in the building codes.

While working for Soilprobe Engineering & testing Inc. Mr. Badiu specialized in inspection consulting and provided structural reviews and inspections for developers and contractors as structures were being built. This work allowed Mr. Badiu to observe the effects of amendments in the building codes in real life situations.

In 2003 with 10 years of experience and after receiving an engineering license from the State of Florida, Mr. Badiu started CeBB Engineering and Testing, Inc. in part to address changes that were being made in the building codes that require independent testing of roof structures and roof material installations.

CeBB Engineering and Testing, Inc. offers quality assurance and testing services especially for roofs, forensic engineering, Soiltesting and materials testing, and prepares site drainage and sewage system plans.

The roof testing division can perform TAS 105 (Roof Fastener Pull Tests) TAS 106 (Tile Uplift Test), TAS 124 and TAS 126 Roof Moisture Survey). Cebb is certified by the Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office to perform these tests. The results of these tests are reviewed and sealed by Mr. Badiu. It is company policy to provide clients with the results of these tests within 48 hours (weather permitting). In addition we offer unbiased design, repair planning, quality observance, legal testimony, and general roof practice and management services.

Throughout the construction phase, a quality construction inspection program ensures architects, building owners, contractors, and engineers a completed project will be per contract specifications. Contractors choose CeBB Engineering & Testing Co. because we offer an accurate, dependable, and an unmatched construction inspection program.

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is a report prepared for a real estate holding which identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. The analysis, often called a Phase I ESA, typically addresses both the underlying land as well as physical improvements to the property; however, techniques applied in a Phase I ESA never include actual collection of physical samples or chemical analyses of any kind.

All of the services offered by CeBB Engineering and Testing, Inc. are competitively priced. Please click here for an roof order form to request an estimate.

CeBB Engineering & Testing Co. is independent of all manufacturers and contractors. CeBB Engineering & Testing Co. clients vary from architects, engineers, and owners to property managers and contractors. The continuing education of our staff is the foundation of our success. Personalized and professional service is our priority. We strive to be unbiased and we are governed by an established code of ethics.
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